Kept away from the limelight for a great many years due to protocol during his delicate mission of feeding the member of the European Council and its prestigious guests, heads of state and other major players in the political world, Pierre Balthazar has re-emerged on the gastronomic scene with a desire to share the very best that his multicultural experience has to offer the world of cooking. In so doing he has added a completely new style to the food offered in the restaurant of THE HOTEL.


1970 – Pierre Balthazar was born in Huy, the location of the finishing line for the Flèche Wallonne and the Salon du Vin et de la Gastronomie… — READ MORE


The secret of Pierre Balthazar’s cooking style lies in the great humility of his unique approach… — READ MORE


Pierre is happy to make his expertise, his knowledge and his experience available to others in the form of different services… — READ MORE


Pierre multiplied collaborations with his peers and has established an extended network of international chefs, some of whom have even become friends… — READ MORE