Pierre is happy to make his expertise, his knowledge and his experience available to others… CONTACT HIM


Pierre’s expertise makes him ideally placed to promote the advantages of a service, a brand etc. with great credibility as long as he feels that his values, his career, his image and his lifestyle are reflected in the specific characteristics of the product to be promoted.


Creating menus, developing original concepts, setting up qualified teams, etc. Pierre is happy to offer his expertise to restaurants, caterers, brands or for other initiatives involving logistics or gastronomic aspects and can also provide culinary artistic direction, etc.


In those instances where Pierre feels able to validate the quality of a product, he is happy to help create a range of products associating his name, his image and his expertise.


His impressively calm temperament and teaching qualities make Pierre an excellent teacher for those who want to learn the art of the major cooking styles.


Pierre’s experience in this sector means that he is able to take on all manner of challenges outside the restaurant arena and provide outstanding creativity for an infinite number of types of event!