THE RESTAURANT by Pierre Balthazar

The cuisine of great hotels is a world apart where nothing is left to chance. It is a demanding environment in which chefs need to have an impressive range of skills including team leadership skills, management skills and expertise in logistics. This is a universe in which Pierre Balthazar excels.
Pierre Balthazar puts all these acquired skills to the service of THE RESTAURANT by Pierre Balthazar @ THE HOTEL, that bear all the hallmarks of his personality.
The leading lights on the menu are the produces “of the moment”. It is the current produce available from the farmer, the fishmonger, or the gardener, that inspires the content of the plate. The chef creates his menu in close co-operation with his suppliers, happy to rely on their expertise, to be surprised by random suggestions. Leaving the menu up to the fantasy of the produces boosts the team spirit. The menu changes every Thursday. Not a week goes by when the products are the same from the first to the last day.